Banana Avocado Hair Mask Ingredients

Banana Avocado Hair Mask For Hair Growth & Repair

Banana Avocado Hair Mask

What Is An Avocado Banana Hair Mask?

An avocado banana hair mask is a natural treatment for split ends, damaged and dry hair. This recipe uses two main ingredients, avocado oil and bananas (plus parts of peel).

Both of these oils have moisturizing properties. They penetrate the hair follicles and create a protective barrier to help prevent breakage and damage to the hair shafts. Banana peels contain silica, a mineral that helps strengthen hair fibers.

Why Use An Avocado Hair Treatment?

When we wash our hair, the chemicals in shampoo strip the natural oils out of the scalp leaving the hair weak and brittle. This leads to breakage and damage of the hair cuticle which causes split ends and fizziness.

As a result, the hair becomes dull and unmanageable. Using an avocado hair treatment can help restore shine, texture and manageability.

After washing your hair, apply some avocado oil all over the scalp and massage it into the roots. Leave it overnight and rinse with fresh water. Repeat this process twice a week to see better results.


What Does A Banana Do For Your Hair?

Bananas help fight dandruff and hair loss by increasing circulation and keeping the skin moist. Bananas contain potassium and vitamin B6 which are essential nutrients that aid the body in producing healthy hair.

This is one reason why bananas are used as a remedy for dandruff. They also act as a natural hair growth stimulator and moisturizer.

How Does Coconut Oil Help Your Hair?

Coconut oil is a natural hair conditioner. It protects the cuticle of the hair shaft making it shiny and soft. Because coconut oil is made up of fatty acids, it helps moisturize dry, damaged hair and scalp.

If you want to use coconut oil to treat your hair, massage some coconut oil onto your hands and comb your hair. You can even leave it overnight.

Women's Hair Mask For Growth

Will A Banana Avocado Hair Mask Help With Hair Growth?

Have you ever wondered why some people's hair looks great, while other's look like they have been through a war? It has a lot to do with the hair care products used to manage their hair.

If you want to get long and healthy hair, you need to find a product that contains all of the ingredients that will nourish your hair and make it grow faster.

Here are “Two Natural Hair Products” created by IrvMika The Body and Hair Chef that strengthens and repairs damaged hair.

1. Banana Avocado Deep Conditioner

The first product recommended is the Banana Avocado Deep Conditioner for Natural Hair. This product is made with all natural ingredients. The ingredients include avocado, banana, and coconut oil. These ingredients help to moisturize your hair, add shine, strengthen the follicles, and provide fatty acids to help reduce breakage.

2. Banana Avocado Shampoo

The next product is IrvMika’s Banana Avocado Shampoo which is used of rinse out the conditioner. The avocado banana shampoo adds nutrients for moisturizing and hydrating parched dull strands. It’s great for managing and growing long healthy hair.

So, which of these products should you use? Well, you can use them independently, but we recommend using them in conjunction. If you want to get the full effect of our conditioner and shampoo, then leave the conditioner in for at least 30 minutes and follow up with a shampoo rinse that compliments the conditioner.

 IrvMika is a hair, body and beauty chef who creates delicious vegan and gluten free recipes with all natural, organic ingredients. IrvMika’s products are designed to help you look and feel your best!

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