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Irvmika Hair Care Blog

If you are looking for all natural, paraben free products look no further Irv Mika The Body and Hair Chef is perfect for you. All of the ingredients are natural and non-toxic. Irv Mika makes each product with their customers in mind. All of the products leave your skin feeling refreshed and amazing. The hair products are lightweight and smell good, healthy hair is guaranteed.

Irvmika Hair Care Blog

Irv Mika also has children products, Maddie’s Collection. Finding products for kids that are not harsh is so important. Starting kids off with the right hair products at an early age will play a factor in how their hair flourishes. I came up using relaxers and it eventually caused a lot of breakage, once I was older and able to do my own hair I immediately transitioned and cut my perm out. Maddie’s Collection gives you multiple products to choose from for your little ones. 

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