Looking for some go to protective hairstyles? Well, I am here to help! 

Braids are always perfect for a protective hairstyle. Scalp braids for wigs are great using IrvMika Nourishing Oil to keep your scalp clean and moisturized. Box Braids, French braids, and Knotless braids are all cute and trendy braid options also keep your hair protected. 

Dred Locs, IrvMika


Locs are also very a great protective hairstyle. Goddess Locs are a protective hairstyle that many natural women are starting to embrace.  Goddess locs gives an illusion that you have real dread locs. Distressed Faux Locs give you the edgy, messy loc look. Butterfly locs are really adorable and give you the short block look. 



Wigs and weaves are one of the most common protective styles. Wigs are super quick and convenient. A quick braid down or slick down, to help secure and then you just throw on a wig and go on about your day. Sew-In weaves are also a way to grow your natural hair. This style is not as popular because wigs are the new wave, but a sew-in will still do the trick.  

Twists_ IrvMika


Twists are another great protective style. Passion twists are simple and cute. A jumbo twist style is a thicker kind of twist but quick and easy to take down. Senegalese twists are also very trendy and classy. You can wear all of these twists in many different styles. 

Hopefully, you will try one of these protective hair styles to give your real hair a break! Make sure you keep your scalp moisturized with the IrvMika Hair Growth Balm while wearing your protective styles.

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