Revitalizing Chemically Damaged Hair

Revitalizing Chemically Damaged Hair

Revitalizing Chemically Damaged Hair

How To Repair Chemically Damaged Hair?

Chemical hair treatments can produce spectacular results, but they can also leave your hair feeling dull, brittle, dry, and damaged, especially when they’re overused. To avoid this, follow a chemical hair repair routine, and use natural hair care products that are designed to treat and restore your hair follicles.

It is normal for your hair to lose its natural shine and volume after perming, but if your hair is looking dull and lifeless, you may want to try something different to rejuvenate and vitalize the texture. The good news is we can help you get the volume back in your hair!


What Causes Chemically Damaged Hair?

When hair becomes damaged from overuse or neglect, chemicals may build up inside the follicle. These buildups can then block out light, which prevents the follicles from producing new hairs. When these hairs stop growing, they begin to fall out, leaving bald patches behind.

The hair loss can affect any part of the body; however, it’s common for people who experience hair loss to notice thinning on their head or scalp first. You can treat chemically damaged hair by cutting back on shampooing and styling products. Use conditioner only once or twice per week to prevent buildup.


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What Does Chemically Damaged Hair Look Like?

Chemically damaged hair looks similar to dry, brittle, and coarse hair. It is very common among women who use relaxers to straighten their hair. This happens due to breakage of the bonds between protein chains. These broken links allow the protein chains to come apart, causing the hair to fall out. When this happens, it can make the hair feel rough, stiff, and brittle.

However, hair can be repaired with time and patience and good hair care habits.


Repairing Chemically Damaged Hair

Hair damage can be repaired using Keratin treatments. Keratins are proteins which hold together the protein structure of hair and skin. They protect our hair against environmental damage and also keep our hair healthy and strong.

Once damaged, keratin needs to be repaired before any new growth begins. When the hair grows out, the keratin is replaced. If your hair is damaged, there may be a few things you can do to repair your hair.

You could try washing your hair less often. Washing hair removes natural oils, plus it adds dirt and chemicals that damage the hair. If you must wash your hair, use a gentle shampoo that does not contain any harsh detergents. Avoid products that contain sodium laureth sulfate and lanolin, as these are drying and stripping agents that can damage your hair. You could also use a deep conditioner instead of shampooing. Conditioners soften and strengthen your hair.

Use a conditioner with protein ingredients that strengthen the bonds between the strands of hair and repair the cuticle. Leave the conditioner on for five or 10 minutes before rinsing it out. Do not comb or blow dry wet hair when it’s chemically damaged.

Lastly, if your hair is very dry, you could apply a moisturizing leave-in conditioner to your hair after showering. To stimulate new hair growth, you should avoid using heat styling tools, like blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons. These can further damage your hair.


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