Step By Step D.I.Y. Hair Mask

Step By Step D.I.Y. Hair Mask


Janae Jordan Step By Step D.I.Y. Hair Mask


I am going to show you all how to do a D.I.Y Hair Mask. Hair Masks help with hair growth, dandruff, and protecting hair follicles. They also help reduce buildup in the hair.

First, I collect all my products that I will need for my D.I.Y hair mask.  I will be using a bowl, mayo, honey, baking soda, and olive oil. 

Next, I open the mayo and get a spoon full of mayo. Mayo helps with treating dry hair and damaged hair. Mayo also helps with conditioning your hair. 

I add honey in with the mayo. Honey helps with unwanted dandruff and helps with moisturizing and conditioning. The antioxidant in honey is good for your hair and scalp.

 Next, I add olive oil to the mixture. Olive oil helps with reducing hair loss, healthy scalp, and conditioning hair. Olive oil helps penetrate the hairs scalp. Olive oil is also good with moisturizing hair.

I add baking soda to help with cleansing my hair. Baking soda helps remove buildup and purifies the hair. 

Lastly, I mix everything all together until it is thick and ready to be put in my hair. I than let the hair mask sit for an hour and wash it out. 

After washing my hair mask, I than apply my IrvMika leave-in hydrating mist and IrvMika Nourishing Oil. 

I hope you all try a D.I.Y hair mask for your hair. 

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