Tips to Stop Natural Hair Breakage

Tips to Stop Natural Hair Breakage


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Tired of breakage and looking for solutions? Or maybe you’re just looking for ways to prevent it from the start? Well, look no further! I have five tips for breakage prevention and care that will be sure to help.


1. Moisturize

While hair breakage isn’t always a side effect of dryness, it can be! To keep your curls moisturized, hair care experts recommend using a leave-in conditioner everyone to two days and a deep conditioner once or twice a month. Using a satin or silk pillowcase or wrapping your hair at night can also help retain moisture and prevent breakage.

2. Detangle Properly (and patiently!)

Wet hair may be easier to detangle, but it’s also more fragile and prone to breakage. So be gentle! If you’re detangling after a wash, make sure that your curls are coated in a product with plenty of slip, like the IrvMika Black Castor Oil Conditioner, before you even touch your comb.

3. Try a protein treatment

Hair may break because the shaft of the strand is too weak, which can be the result of chemical processing or high porosity hair. Since the hair cuticle itself is made of protein, you can strengthen your hair strands by doing a protein treatment. Hair care experts suggest looking for a protein treatment with hydrolyzed protein in it or a protein-rich deep conditioner. 

4. Be gentle with your updos

We all know that high ponytails can be an iconic look. However, the tension from such styles can pull on your hair strands and lead to breakage, especially if the hair tie is too tight. So, make sure to give your hair breaks between updos, and let it hang loose sometimes! 

5. Watch your health

Unfortunately, stress can lead to hair breakage, as well as the lack of certain vitamins and minerals (zinc, iron, and folic acid). To prevent this, be mindful of your diet, and look for better ways to manage stress.

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