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The weather is starting to warm up so that means it’s time to achieve the perfect wash and go. A wash and go is my go-to hair style. It is super simple in the spring and. summer; especially for me. I just wash my hair and go! The name tells it all, basically you wash your hair and go on with your day. Although, a wash and go is simple for me it is a harder for others especially trying to find the right products. A lot of products are not needed for a wash and go but you still have to attempt to add in something that will give your natural hair some shine and moisture. Here are the steps to achieve a successful wash and go.   

  1. First Co-wash your hair with IrvMika Nourishing and Hydrating conditioner. Washing helps get rid of all the product build up. Using conditioner to co-wash helps moisturize your hair. Shampoo strips your hair of its moisture that is why it is important to co-wash with conditioner. 

  1. While I’m co-washing my hair, I part my hair into sections and detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb. A wide tooth comb really separates the hair strands. Next, I wash out all of the conditioner and begin my wash and go process. 

  1. I apply my IrvMika Natural Hair Pudding. This helps with frizz and moisturizes all in one. I use a spray bottle to spray my hair with water to keep it wet while applying all my products.

  1. Next I apply a small amount of Irvmika Healthy Hair Butter Cream. This really helps define my curls, and it smells really good. While using this cream, I use my fingers to twirl my curls and really define them.


  1. Next I use IrvMika Hydrating mist, to put on top of my hair. The mist helps so my hair stays hydrated throughout the day. 

  1. Lastly, I use a spray bottle to dampen my hair. I make sure all the products are moisturized well into my hair. I am all done with my wash and go. I head out the door. 

These steps will help you with a simple wash and go. A wash and go is a trial and error just like every style is when it comes to natural hair. A wash and go is super simple and cute especially when you are in a rush

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