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Wash Hair_IrvMika

IrvMika The Body and Hair Chef is here to give you a good step by step on a wash day routine. It can definitely be a hassle but once you have mastered your wash day it is a breeze. Wash day is a great day to really give your natural hair the well needed love it deserves.  

IrvMika Shampoo and Conditioner


First you will need to gather all of your IrvMika products that you will need for your natural hair. It is easier to gather all your products at once so everything will be in reach. 

Next, comb out your hair gently to detangle it before you begin your wash day process. 

Put your head under the water so that your hair is completely saturated. Get your IrvMika shampoo, squeeze the shampoo in your hand and began your wash day process.  

Lather the shampoo thoroughly throughout your hair and wash until you feel it is clean. Washing your hair gets rid of all the dirt and product build-up. 

IrvMika Hydrating Mist

After washing your hair and letting your hair deep condition for an hour, it is time to rinse the IrvMika conditioner out. You can then apply the IrvMika leave-in- hydrating mist.  The leave-in-hydrating mist leaves you hair soft and moisturized. 

Finally, you are done with your wash day routine. Wash day can be time consuming so make sure you carve out enough time to complete the process. After finishing washing your hair you can than style it in a twist out, bantu knots, braid out, etc. I hope your next wash day is successful! 

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