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Brock Furrified Paws: 100% Natural Pet Shampoo

Brock Furrified Paws: 100% Natural Pet Shampoo

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Furrified Suds: 100% Natural Pet Poo | Get Soft, Shiny Fur Every Time

Furrified Suds, the ultimate organic pet shampoo, is formulated with human-made, pet-approved ingredients that are completely safe for both dogs and cats.

This revolutionary shampoo is made with a special blend of natural ingredients that smell wonderful and offers powerful cleansing properties; the lather created gives you complete control over exactly how much area to cover during your pet's bath time.

The Furrified Suds formula also has special hydrating and moisturizing agents that not only reduce dry skin but will leave your pet's fur looking and smelling amazing. Our eco-friendly solution is perfect for removing pet odor and it even passed the test when it was safely used on human babies!

  • Human Tested Doggie Approved
  • 100% Pure Ingredients
  • Handmade Mixture
  • Non-Toxic + DEET Free
  • Green + Eco-Friendly
  • Made In The USA


Purified water, Oatmeal and Milk, Flax Seed Oil, Cocomidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Lauroyl ,Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol. 

 More Info:

We understand how important it is to find a product you can trust to keep your furry family members healthy. That's why our Furrified Suds formula was personally formulated by a beloved pet lover who wanted to create a truly all-natural and effective product that you can trust.

Our unique blend of natural ingredients has been proven to be gentle yet powerful enough to tackle even the dirtiest of coats while still keeping your pets feeling refreshed after every bath.

With its superior cleaning capabilities, luxurious aroma, hydrating benefits, eco-friendly qualities, and safety standards; Furrified Suds should be the only choice for knowledgeable pet owners everywhere!

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